Feb 2019 Continuing to Drive Risk Reduction in Dangerous Environments

Promoting the Importance of Emergeing Technologies to Prevent Fatalities

HUGH JOHN MAXWELL - Recognised for international Risk Excellence May 2018

Hugh John Maxwell BSc, MSc, CFIOSH, FIIRSM, RSP, CMgr FCMI, F.Inst LM

World class Risk and HSE specialist who has built and developed global HSE strategies engaging employees, contractors and stakeholders at all levels around the world. 

Are you the best or are you the rest? International leader and influencer in high-risk environments, building teams, reducing risks and driving positive sustainable changes.


Experienced in the widest scope of HSE and Risk Management initiatives, able to develop your people, add value, save lives and save money for your business! 

Receiving my Award - with IIRSM President Andy Hawkes

Hugh Maxwell receives the first Best International Risk Initiative from the IIRSM

Global Safety Improvement In High Risk Environments

The Launch of Safety Breakthrough in Vesuvius - October 2008

Ensuring a safer working environment for all

February 2019 Article Concerning Steel Plant Risk Reduction

March 2019 IIRSM Webinar on Mentoring and Developing Others

Maxwell has and continues to make a difference.....

Global risk reduction and adding value.

Over 30 years international experience and exposure to directing, developing and implementing HSE improvements around the globe.

Experience in manufacturing, construction, steel, foundry and pretrochemicals. Graduate chemist, driver of change, global safety leader and international coach. 

Managed numnerous global projects, including mergers and acquisitions, supporting the formation of 2 PLCs.

Most recently driver of Safety Breakthrough - A corporate safety programe reducing lost-time injury frequency rate from 7.9  to 1.6 - reducing lost-time injuries from 184 to less than 50 in 4 year period, still being sustained.

Providing In-Depth Bespoke Training Courses in a Large Range of Subjects

Extending World Class Standards, Knowledge and Expertise ...

One Example Course Developed for a Specific Market Need.